Northern lights forecast pages (Norway, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Yukon)

Is there such a thing as northern lights forecast?


While you hunt for aurora borealis even five minutes are history 🙂 Northern lights can change every single second, they can flow slowly over the sky for few hours or change rapidly in seconds. Biggest, strongest waves usually take just few minutes, but when there is really big solar activity it can last longer. Remember that its all a matter of luck!

– check forecast/solar activity just before you go.
– always check weather forecast for your location. i recommend
– dress warm, be prepared to stay in one place for long time.

Good luck with you hunting, wish you many succesfull nights with aurora, one of the most fanstastic phenomens on earth.


Check this page to see 28-day aurora forecast, as well as 1 hour live activity forecast.
The Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast Page

TV 2 Vær –
visual forecast from Norwegian public TV. Sometime is not up to date! Europe only.

northern hemisphere
Northern hemidshere enlarged activity view.
NOAA POES Auroral Activity –
a lot of graphs. southern and northern hemisphere.

k index
Planetary k-index

3-day Estimated Planetary Kp-index Monitor
– historical data (updated every 3-6 hours)

24 hour magnetogram Tromso
Magnetogram for last 24 hours activity in Tromsø
For other cities in Norway check Tromsø Geophysical Observatory (magnetograms available for Ny Ålesund, Longyarbyen, Hopen, Bjørnøya, Nordkapp, Sørøya, Tromsø, Andenes, Dønna, Rørvik for Lofoten, Dombås, Solund for Bergen, Karmøy for Stavanger/Oslo, Tristan Da Cunha)

Tromsø Geophysical Observatory Activity Index –
historical data for last 30 days from Tromsø

Other usefull links:
Solar Cycle 24 – monitoring solar activity (automatically updated)

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch –
mostly text format data.

Current Solar data NOAA data –
solar activity graphs. – sunrise and sunset values for almost every place on earth – weather forecasts – weather forecasts

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4 Responses to “Northern lights forecast pages (Norway, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Yukon)”

  1. N. says:

    There is another one for northern Finland (Oulu, Rovaniemi, Sodankylä):

    Includes an all-sky camera, regional magnetogram, daylight length etc. etc. under ‘current’ situation you get the info up to date!

  2. Sebastian Catana says:

    Can I please find out if it is possible to see the Northern Lights at middle of December?
    Thank you very much

  3. Dori Sig says:

    I took a few photos and video of the northern lights tonight in Reykjavik.

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